Atteneded VimM#4

I attended the VimM#4 that is a Vim study meeting.There are nealy 50 participants on Monday's weeknight, as if like a secret organization:)
Bye the way, workshops in Tokyo often are held at Dai building. I think that reason is Ruby's power.
Digest is following:

  • Progamming Camp Team
    • Programming Camp Team is composed so gorgeous members that are included Mr. Yoshioka, Mr. Sasada and Mr. Nishio so on. They implemented public relations about Security & Programming Camp 2009. Unfortunately, there is age limit, then I am over the age limt of 22 years old:(
  • Mr. bonar - Vim Server 入門
    • I could not understand how this feature(:help clientserver) work when I read this :help first time. That's an interesting idea.
  • Mr. taku-o - Vimでコード印刷
    • When I used to use Windows, sometimes I used this feature(:help :hardcopy).
  • Mr. ujihisa - blogger.vim
  • Mr. hagino_3000
    • His reason of migration from Eclipse to Vim is "cool". Yep, me too:)
  • Mr. ssig33 - 人類の絶滅
    • Sorry, I just remembered that Growl's notification storm:p
  • Mr. Ubuntu - Vim on Emacs
    • To Lisp or not to Lisp. Incidentally I love Haskell, therefore I don't care about this kind of religious war:)
  • Mr. kana - これからVimを極めたい人が読むべきたった一つの文書
    • God of Vim, Mr. kana, is writing bible, "How to master Vim". All of Vimmers must buy it(Web+DB press Vol.52)!

I had a good time in the Vimmer's meeting after a long time. Thanks for Mr. ujihisa and Sasada Lab's members providing a venue for VimM#4!!